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Man shoots, kills himself in SE Portland street | Portland

I have this little quirk that bothers my friends sometimes: I refuse to be completely anti-suicide. I’ve refused to join a “non-suicide” pact with them, I have philosophical disagreement with it. Which I’m not going to discuss here, but my friend ws the one who found this guy today, me and a couple other friends spent time with her today.

I don’t want to ever put anyone through what she had to see today.


Just got off the phone with the reporter i.e. solacesf and laura lasky, reporter asked if there were any other sex workers laura helped in any way. I said I don’t name any names, but I’d make this post, if there is anyone that wants/needs to talk to the reporter, msg me and I’ll put you in contact.

Very sweet words about last night’s show…

"Last night I experienced Eric Cash taping. I didn’t just ‘see a live taping’ it was an experience. It was beyond good. It was Like time and space took a break to allow this performer to take us on a journey of what’s been going on the past year in his life. This recap doesn’t do it justice. It was beautiful, raw and human. So lucky that I was witness to it."

Thank you so much @VeronicaPorras

@thejeremyspears just turned me onto this, aand I am forever in his debt. Listen to it now, and then mark your calendar and come see me tape my first hour-long special on dec 8th at the @cyniccave in SF with @xanderdeveaux and @natashamuse

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